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The PORTAIL DOMAINE welcomes you during the end-of-year holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The estate will be exceptionally closed on December 25, 2019 and January 1, 2020

Welcome to DOMAINE LE PORTAIL, a vineyard located in Cheverny, 15 minutes from the A10 motorway.

We are renowned wine producers specializing in the sale of wines by the bottle and wine tastings.

About us

Located near the famous Château de Cheverny, our family-owned estate grows 32 hectares of vines. The appellations “CHEVERNY” and “COUR-CHEVERNY” are protected designations of origin for our wines. Visit our chai so we can share with you our passion for creating wines that provide pure pleasure. White, red or rosé, we have something for everyone with our excellent selection of products. Our wines are also vinified the traditional way to be aromatic and appealing in the mouth. Come and join us for a tasting! You will experience our unrivalled blends for yourself.

Our wines are vinified the traditional way

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DOMAINE LE PORTAIL: A vineyard worth visiting

Conscious of the effect of winemaking on the environment, since 2000, we have adopted an ecologically healthier rational culture. The approach is based on the certification requirements of the national federation of TERRA VITIS, guaranteeing the authenticity of our wines and the sustainability of our processes. We welcome you to join us for a wine tasting in Cheverny, where you can also visit our cellar (prior reservation required). Drop by our estate for a unique experience visiting a vineyard and to share our passion for wine.

Operating under the Terra Vitis certification, we guarantee the authenticity of our

wines and sustainable production processes

Our highlights:

  • Unique tasting tours
  • Traditional vinification
  • Terra Vitis certification
  • AOC certification
  • Authentic products
  • Family-owned estate

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Three wind machines to fight frost occurrences and preserve the nectar of our vines. This helped us salvage a few hectares of land this year.

<>: << Protection of viticulture against frostdamage>>

Beneficiary: EARL CADOUX​

Financial amount (total cost + European aid):23.346.60

Dispositif: Competitiveness and adaptation of agriculture holdings

Project description (main objectives and sustainability):

Protection of the vineyard against frost damage

Investment in three wind machines

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02 54 79 91 25