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Wine Tasting

Damien Cadoux - DOMAINE LE PORTAIL offers tasting tours for our best wines. Our vineyard is located in Cheverny, just 15 minutes from the A10 motorway.

Call 02 54 79 91 25 to place your order or book your visit.

The pleasure of tasting good wine

In an endeavour to share our passion with wine lovers, we offer tasting tours for our best wines. We have CHEVERNY ROUGE, CHEVERNY ROSÉ, CHEVERNY BLANC, COUR-CHEVERNY and Crémant de Loire. The quality of our products will entice you with their looks, aromas and flavours. To ensure quality and authenticity, our wines are vinified the traditional way. Visit us for a tasting! You will not regret the experience.

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Wine Tasting
Our Activities
  • Winegrowers
  • Viticulturists
  • Wine Producers
  • Wine Exporters
What Sets Us Apart
  • Traditional Vinification Techniques
  • Haute Valeur Environnementale Certification
  • Authentic Products

Based in Cheverny, we accept orders from France and abroad.

Damien CADOUX- DOMAINE LE PORTAIL: Wine Selling, Tasting and Exportation

At DOMAINE LE PORTAIL, we are a family of passionate viticulturists. We continually improve the quality of our wines by observing two rules: We are always receptive to the inputs and suggestions of consumers and preserve our reputation. In addition to this, we also boast the Haute Valeur Environnementale Level 3 certification. The process is based on respect for the land's ecosystem and protection of the biodiversity via rest areas called "wildlife corridors" which enable nature (fauna, flora, insects) to thrive.

By choosing our wines, you can rest assured that you are choosing quality and refined products.

Place your orders now. We carry out deliveries across France and even export our wines abroad.

Clients from all over the world visit our estate to taste and buy our wines


Wine Tasting

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Visit our estate and taste our wines. We are based in Cheverny, just 15 minutes from the A10 motorway.

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